• Alerts

    Interesting alerts that can save you from PK's attacks, lurings and even gamemasters!

  • Cavebot

    The cavebot system easy to use and make paths with.

  • Targeting

    This lets your character fight several monsters.

  • Advanced Healer!

    This amazing healing system allows you to customize different healing conditions.

  • Looter

    Tired of moving thousands of items to your backpack while hunting? That's why we made this feature. ;)

  • Auto Fishing

    Fishing is an extremely necessary tool, comments are not needed.

  • Trainer

    How boring is training? Yeah we know. Let our trainer tool do all the hard work!

  • Runemaker

    How long does it take to make a single rune? A long time! Use our tool to make all the runes you'll ever need!

  • Tools

    And much more!